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Jeffrey Becker, O.D.

Dr. Becker is a 1978 graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and graduated from The Illinois College of Optometry in 1983. He has been practicing in Northeastern Pennsylvania for over 24 years, with a specialty practice in Rehabilitative Optometry. Dr Becker is an adjunct faculty member of Misercordia University, Dallas, PA where he teaches vision rehabilitation courses to master's level occupational and physical therapy students.

He has lectured at many prestigious conferences including The National Board of Medical Examiners, where he was the Keynote Speaker. He has been a guest lecturer at the National Head Injury Foundation, and he has presented his research at the National Congress of Rehabilitative Medicine as well as the Southwest Head Injury Foundation. He is a consultant to the Law School Admission Council, US Department of Justice, numerous rehabilitative centers, and many national law firms.

Dr Becker provides a 4th year internship program in his private practice to students from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and is also a clinical examiner for the National Board of Examiners in Optometry. Dr Becker has been chosen as one of America's Top Optometrists by Consumers Research Council.

Dr. Becker in his 24 years of clinical and research experience has examined and treated over 3000 head injury, stroke, and neurologically impaired patients ranging in ages from birth to our seniors citizens.



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