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  • Have you suffered a concussion, whiplash or mild head injury?
  • Have you noticed not feeling or performing as well following a “bell ringer”?
  • Has your vision or balance seemed “off” during movement or at high speeds?
  • Have friends or family members noticed a difference in your personality or memory?
  • Have you noticed increased pain in your knees/ankles/back following a mild head injury?

A concussion is defined as an acute deceleration event causing nervous system dysfunction. The mechanism of the injury determines the severity of symptoms. Most patients who develop Post Concussion Syndrome may not seek help for  months or even years following the injury. Many patients are completely unaware of the connection between their symptoms and the injury and may be quite confused by the change in their quality of life. Symptoms can include: poor vision, dizziness, headache, migrane, vertigo, imbalance, neck pain, clumsiness, anxiety, depression, short-term memory loss, poor concentration, cognitive abnormalities and
decreased fine motor skills.

The NeuroSensory Center™ is a state-of-the-art facility specifically designed to provide the most complete diagnostic tests available for Post Concussion Syndrome. This center is equipped with Sensory ViewTM, the ground breaking software system that provides a complete array of non-invasive diagnostic tests that are formatted into a simple, easy-to-interpret graphical report.

With Sensory View, your doctor will be able to “see” your problem, customize your treatment and verify the extent of your recovery at pre-determined intervals. The NeuroSensory Center evaluation allows your doctor to be precise in determining the correct time of return-to-play or return-to-work without risk of further injury or decreased perfomance.




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