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Studies indicate that “headache” is among the three most common chronic reasons for patients to seek the help of a doctor. A study by the National Institute of Health estimates that 1 in 10 people will suffer from “recurrent headaches” during their lifetime.

Recent diagnostic advances have revealed that most chronic headaches arise from abnormalities in the sensing and/or delivery of the electrical information in the nervous system. The inaccuracies of the “sensing” part of the nervous system can also produce symptoms that include poor vision, dizziness, headache, migraine, vertigo, imbalance, pain, clumsiness, fatigue, and decreased fine motor skills.

Because these conditions present themselves as “symptoms”, most patients do not typically appear ill to their doctor, friends or family. The inability to be recognized as ill often causes the patient to express their abnormality to family, friends, co-workers and even strangers. They are often viewed as being “hypochondriacs”, “chronic complainers” and many patients are labeled as “problem patients” by their doctors. Although their problems are real, some patients may even be told “it’s all in your head.”

The NeuroSensory Center™ is a state-of-the-art facility specifically designed to provide the most complete diagnostic tests available for headache and migraine. Each center is staffed by Specialty certified doctors whose background includes advanced neurological and allergy/immunology training. Each facility is equipped with a ground breaking diagnostic software system that allows our physicians to non-invasively evaluate the function of your nervous system and determine the source of your headaches. Once the source is identified, specific therapies can be utilized to improve or completely reverse there symptoms in most patients.

At the NeuroSensory Centers of America, you can be assured that our doctors not only will passionately address your symptoms, but will also treat you with compassion. Because each patient has unique needs, our doctors will customize your treatment progress, verify the extent of your recovery at predetermined intervals and create the best outcomes for you, our patients.




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