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Beginning in 1998, nerve specialists began using a clinical method of combining known  FDA approved diagnostic tests to visualize the entire array of sensory systems feeding the brain information. Using this diagnostic method, these physicians were able to “visualize” sensory disorders and provide greatly improved therapeutic outcomes in patients with a myriad of nervous system sensory abnormalities. This system, the Sensory View, is now in use in the NeuroSensory Centers of America.

Is there a way to reverse these disorders?
After many years of clinical experience, it is quite apparent that there is the possibility of reversing adult chronic inflammatory or demyelinating syndromes.  In short, with our current state of understanding, creating a “healthier”, less inflammatory environment in the body will produce less nerve inflammation and allow re-myelination of nerves in many individuals. 



Sensory View of America, Inc.™ Shows you the facts on disorders such as Dizziness, Imbalance, Chronic Migraines, Autism, Allergies and More.
Lean More about some of these disorders that may be affecting your quality of life.

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“I have lived sick all my adult life and have not been able to enjoy my children and grandchildren the way I would have wanted to.  If I could have come across NeuroSensory Centers of America years ago, I could have lived life for myself and my children to the fullest.” 

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May 2007
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