“I was previously diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. A friend told me about NeuroSensory Center of America at Trophy Club and Dr. Ronald Morton. In early June 2008 I was evaluated and walked away with tears in my eyes. I had finally found a doctor that knew why I felt the way that I did and he felt that he could help me. Dr. Morton and his staff were caring, professional people and they loved finding the missing pieces to the puzzle to help me live a pain free and productive life. They are always willing to answer any questions that I have with a kind and informative response. I told Dr. Morton that he is my hero. I am extremely thankful for these people that are truly making a difference in the quality and productiveness of my life and others.” 

Cheryl C. - Patient since June 2008

“ Alexis' condition has improved beyond measure. We believe that she is no longer Autistic. She takes very few medications compared to the early years. We thank God for leading us to Dr. Stewart.” 

Karla W. - mother to Alexis - Patient since June 2004

“Over many years, we have seen multiple physicians and specialists to help our daughter Jessica who suffers from Autism. We were only able to get so far because there was always a piece of our puzzle that was missing. Through NeuroSensory Centers of America, we finally found doctors' that talk to you on a personal level and don't look at your child as if they were a science project. We were also amazed to find that most of their testing and treatments are insurance reimbursable. After only a year, Jessica is sleeping better, having great days at school and making lots of friends. I now believe that there is hope to have Jessica reach her full potential!” 

Debbie M. - mother to 10 year old Jessica - Patient since July 2006

“My history for the last 15 years has had much controversy and mystery as I had seen at least 20 doctors prior to seeing Dr. Stewart. My balance was horrible and included much head pain with unusual facial and eye movement disorders. I had visual disturbances such as sensitivity to light, double vision, and intolerance to load noises. Dr. Stewart did one of the most outstanding performances of any of the 20-plus doctors that I have seen. He validated me and shook my hand with a definite guarantee he could help me. He has kept his promise for the two years now that I've been with him. I have a tremendous amount of faith in Dr. Stewart and am very grateful he was put in my path for help.” 

Christine M. - Patient since August 2006

“I had brutal episodes of trigeminal neuralgia (pain of the face and jaw) for about ten years. NeuroSensory Centers of America's approach, including the testing program and subsequent treatment are logical. At the end of my initial appointment, Dr. Stewart informed me as to what to expect as treatment proceeded. What I was told would happen, did happen, and I have been pain free for over a year.” 

Tom M. - Patient since January 2007

“I have lived sick all my adult life and have not been able to enjoy my children and grandchildren the way I would have wanted to.  If I could have come across NeuroSensory Centers of America years ago, I could have lived life for myself and my children to the fullest.” 

Glenda R. - Patient since May 2007

“Over the past 10 years and countless doctors, I was told to have surgery for my stomach pain.  My “gut” told me no.  After going to NeuroSensory Centers of America in Austin for testing and being treated for only a year, my 10 years of pain is gone!  I found doctors who listen to your “gut”.  Life changing health is what they have given to me.”

Kim G. - Patient since July 2007





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